Basic Facts about the Ohio Statewide ESRI Site License Program

Notes: In the explanation of the terms of the site license program given below, the benefits available to institutions are sometimes differentiated acording to whether or not the institution is a four-year school and has more than 10,000 FTE.  This class of schools receives some additional benefits not available to smaller schools.


What software does the program include?

The ArcGIS Site License includes unlimited use of the following ESRI software products, plus added benefits.


ArcGIS Desktop 10.0 & 10.1
o ArcInfo
o ArcEditor
o ArcView
o ArcGIS extensions: ArcGIS Spatial Analyst, ArcGIS 3D Analyst, ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst, Publisher, ArcGIS Schematics, ArcGIS Survey Analyst, ArcScan for ArcGIS, Military Analyst, ArcGIS Maplex , ArcGIS Network Analyst
ArcGIS Embedded GIS
o ArcGIS Engine Developer Kit
ArcGIS Server GIS
o ArcSDE
o ArcIMS
o ArcIMS Route Server (By request only. Data is not included and must be purchased separately.)
o ArcGIS Server Development and Testing License with Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst, and StreetMap Options
ArcGIS Mobile GIS
o ArcPad Application Builder including ArcPad
o ArcPad StreetMap

PC ARC/INFO (included with ArcGIS Software) o Including extensions: ArcNetwork, ArcTIN, ArcCOGO, ArcGrid, ArcScan, and ArcStorm, and ArcPress
ArcView 3.x Products
o ArcView 3.x (for Windows)
o ArcView 3.0a (for Macintosh)
o ArcView 3.x extensions: ArcView Spatial Analyst, Network Analyst, 3D Analyst, ArcPress for ArcView, and StreetMap 1.1
Other GIS Software
o MapObjects (Windows Edition)
o MapObjects (Java Edition)
o BusinessMAP 4
o ArcLogistics Route
o NetEngine for Windows and UNIX
Added Benefits
o Virtual Campus—Unlimited seat, Standard Subscription (These are primarily technology courses that teach ESRI software, plus the course Spatial Analysis of Geohazards.)
o Complimentary passes to the ESRI International User Conference

How is the software distributed

OhioGisNet  and Over 10,000 FTE Four-Year Schools
At the time they begin participation in the statewide site license, institutions which are larger than 10,000 FTE have the opportunity to select a set of initial deliverables, i.e. a copy of the software listed above, which will be sent to them directly.   After that point, new releases and updated versions of the software will be sent to the institution as long as it continues to participate in the site license program.
Other  Schools
For all two-year schools and four-year institutions with less than 10,000 FTE, copies of the software needed must be obtained from the OhioLink distribution web site,  one of the OhioGISNet schools,  or a copy of the software on CD-ROM or diskette media may be bought directly from ESRI.

How is technical support provided

OhioGisNet  and Over 10,000 FTE Four-Year Schools
Four year institutions with more than 10,000 FTE who participate will automatically receive two technical support contacts with ESRI.  These are two individuals who can contact ESRI to obtain technical support services.
Other Schools
All two-year schools and four-year institutions with less than 10,000 FTE schools may designate one GIS specialist who can contact the GIS Specialists at  OhioGISNet schools for technical assistance and training. Alternatively, schools can also purchase additional technical support contracts from ESRI.  These cost $1,000 per year for one contact.
For All Schools
Successful implementation of the ESRI software requires the appointment and development of a person(s) who can provide technical support to the campus.  These individuals should take ESRI training when needed and work with ESRI  or OhioGISNet schools to answer questions that they are not able to answer.

What will it cost me to participate?

Non OhioGisNet  Four-Year Schools
For four-year institutions, the cost of participation is $0.49/FTE per year.
Other  Schools
For all two year instutions  the cost per FTE is half the four year rate, or about $0.25/FTE per year.
For All Schools
There can be additional costs for an institution if that institution also chooses to buy technical support services or additional copies of software media and documentation. Institutions that wish to use Arc/INFO on Windows NT will need to purchase hardware keys for that purpose.   Each hardware key costs $30 and can be used on a single Windows NT system or attached to a Windows NT server and shared by allWindows NT systems in the same domain.

The contract year runs from July 1 to June 30.    Institutions can join any time during the year and the cost will be prorated.   Institutions will be given credit for any current maintenance payments they have made to ESRI, not payment for copies of software programs.  Payment for the annual participation fee is made to OhioLINK.   Additional copies of software media or documentation are purchased directly from ESRI.

Who can participate?

Any OhioLINK full or participating member institution can participate.

Who can use the software and where?

Faculty, students, staff, and administrators of the institution may use the software.  The software may be used off  campus by faculty members, but students may only use the software on campus.

Are there other important responsibilities taken on by the institution who participates in this site license

Record Keeping
Each participating institution is responsible for maintaining records of the distribution of ESRI software on its campus.  The institution must keep track of what software is installed and where.   The inventory number, host name, or serial number of the computer must be noted.
Monitoring Software Use
The institution is reponsible for ensuring that members of the campus are following the terms and conditions of the site license.  The institution is responsible for ensuring that all copies of the ESRI software on its campus are destroyed if the site license is terminated and the institution does not enter into a new site license agreement with ESRI after termination of the OhioLINK license program.
Destruction of Software on Contract Termination -
The institution will be responsible for making sure that all software is destroyed upon termination of its participation in the OhioLINK license program unless provision is made to continue licensing ESRI software directly from ESRI or through some other mechanism.

Who are the OhioGISnet schools?

Ohio University, Ohio State University, University of Toledo, Cleveland State University, University of Cincinnati, Youngstown State University, Kent State University, University of Akron, and Wright State University.