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Licensing Technology at ArcGIS 10.x

All single use products will have to be activated from the machine that will be utilizing the license. This means that the authorization files cannot be shared on multiple computers.

In ArcGIS Desktop 10.x, you will now have the option to borrow a license from the license manager on the server for a specified period of time and return it when you can reconnect to the network. There is no set limit to the number of times a license can be borrowed. It is also possible to borrow extensions, provided they are part of your license pool. Note that you cannot use the new borrow function to use 9.x licenses when disconnected from the network.


There are three types of licenses: single use, concurrent use, and remote license  


1. Single Use Licensing: You can request a stand-alone license for a single machine.  In this case this is what we need from you in your license request:

1) Select one of ArcEditor, ArcInfo, and ArcView.



 - The new Single Use license file will contain identifiers that will tie it to the computer it is authorized for. The authorization number can be authorized on only two machines at a time.

- You will receive a new ArcGIS 10.x authorization number to use during the authorization process of the software. All ArcGIS 10 users will need to register their software and receive a new license file when upgrading to ArcGIS 10.x.  


2. Concurrent Use Licensing: You can run a local license server for your machines.  We encourage this use especially for student computer labs as it makes the installation and management of the software easier.  If you want to install a local license server, this is what we need in your license request:

1) Select one of ArcEditor, ArcGIS Schematics, ArcInfo, and ArcView.

2) Decide Number of licenses requested for this system



- You can divide up your licenses so that they can be installed on more than one machine. For example, if you have ten ArcView Concurrent Licenses, it is possible to run two license managers hosting five licenses each. You can also transfer the desired quantity of licenses from one server to another directly from within your network.

- Concurrent licences will utilize various machine identifiers to establish Trusted Storage for the host server on which the License Manager is installed. The ArcGIS 10.x license manager no longer uses Keycode files based on a hardware key or MAC address, therefore your existing Keycode file will not work with version 10.x. This technology means the Sentinel key (dongle) is now obsolete (ESRI is not requesting the return of existing hardware keys).  


 3. Remote Licensing: If you have been using the license server at OSC, you can point to our new ArcGIS10.x license server in the same way. This should probably be modified to specify the hostname of the new license server and the port to use and how it should be specified (i.e.  If you still want to do this, this is what we need in your license request :

1) IP address so that I can enable it on the license server  

Software Downloads

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Version 10.1


ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 (iso-file)

ArcGIS Desktop Tutorial Data 10.1 (iso-file)

ArcReader 10.1 (iso-file)

ArcGIS 10.1 for Aviation: Charting (Esri Aeronautical Solution)

Mapping and Charting

Data and Maps for ArcGIS (2012)

ArcGIS Server Enterprise 10.1 for Windows (iso-file)

ArcGIS Server Enterprise 10.1 for Linux (iso-file)

ArcSDE 10.1 for Windows (iso-file)

ArcSDE 10.1 for Linux&Unix

ArcGIS 10.1 for Server workgroup (iso-file)

ArcGIS 10.1 SP1 for Server workgroup (iso-file)

ArcGIS 10.1 SP1 for Server for Windows (iso-file)

ArcGIS 10.1 SP1 for Server for Linux (iso-file) 

ArcGIS 10.1 for Engine Developer Kit for Windows (iso-file)

ArcGIS 10.1 for Engine Developer Kit for Linux (iso-file)

PostgreSQL Client Libraries for Windows

PostgreSQL Client Libraries for Linux

ESRI CityEngine 2012.1

ArcGIS Runtime SDK

ArcGIS 10.1 Engine

ArcPad 10.0.4


Version 10.0


ArcGIS Desktop 10  (iso-file)

ArcGIS Desktop Tutorial Data 10 (iso-file)

Esri Aeronautical Solution 10

ArcGIS Mobile 10 (iso-file)

ArcReader 10 (iso-file)

ESRI Data & Maps for ArcGIS 10 (iso-file)


ArcGIS Image Server 10 (iso-file)

ArcGIS Mobile 10 (iso-file)

ArcGIS Server Enterprise 10 for Red Hat Linux Enterprise and SUSE Linux Enterprise (iso-file)

ArcGIS Server Enterprise 10 for Windows Part 1/2 (zip-file)

ArcGIS Server Enterprise 10 for Windows Part 2/2 (zip-file)

ArcInfo Workstation 10 for Windows and Sun Solaris on SPARC  (iso-file)

ArcPad 10 (iso-file)



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