3D Analyst 1.0 Patch

 Installation Instructions for the 3D Analyst 1.0 Patch ======================================================  The 3D Analyst 1.0 Patch resolves two issues.  - The 3D Analyst request SetGraphic, used on a DDDMkGr object, will result in an error when 3D Analyst 1.0 is used with ArcView GIS 3.2.  - For HPUX 11.0 users only, loading ArcView GIS 3.2 and 3D Analyst 1.0 will result in an error.  The 3D Analyst 1.0 Patch has been provided to resolve these known issues between ArcView GIS 3.2 and 3D Analyst 1.0.  The 3D Analyst 1.0 Patch for all UNIX platforms are locatated in the /cdrom/threedx directory.    --- PLATFORM ---                          --- FILENAME ---   Compaq's Digial UNIX (Tru64)              3d10p_digunix.tar.Z   HPUX                                      3d10p_hpux.tar.Z   IBM UNIX                                  3d10p_ibm.tar.Z   SGI UNIX                                  3d10p_sgi.tar.Z   Solaris                                   3d10p_solaris.tar.Z  To install the 3D Analyst 1.0 Patch on your UNIX machine:  1.  Install ArcView GIS 3.2 2.  Install 3D Analyst 1.0 3.  Copy the 3d10p_     .tar.Z file from the cdrom/threedx directory into your $AVHOME directory.  Uncompress and then untar the file to install the patch files.  	% cd /cdrom/threedx 	% cp 3d10p_       .tar.Z $AVHOME 	% uncompress 3d10p_         .tar.Z 	% tar xvf 3d10p_           .tar  On Digital UNIX and HP, you might see the file names with the lower case ".z" as a suffix.  In that case, please make sure to use the following mounting instructions to mount your CD:  Digital UNIX: 	mount -t cdfs -r -o nodefperm,rrip /              /cdrom HP: 		mount -F cdfs -r /                /cdrom  For more details, refer to the av32install.html located on the CD.