ArcView GIS 3.3


Windows 9x, ME, NT4.0, 2000, & XP

The  Image Analysis IS NOW (5/9/01) available under the site license.
The Tracking Analyst and Business Analyst extensions are NOT available under the site license.

Product Description

  • ESRI's ArcView Webpage  (Literature, upgrades, utilities, system requirements)
  • Documentation available directly from ESRI at reduced prices.
  • What's new in ArcView GIS 3.23(PDF format) is available on the CD


Pre Installation Tips

  • See the ESRI's ArcView GIS 3.3 Installation Guide (PDF format) on the CD.
  • We suggest you take advantage of the offer to read the README file at the end of the ArcView setup procedure!
  • Note: The full ArcView GIS Version 3.x installation path of \ESRI\AV_GIS30 has been maintained for ArcView GIS 3.3 to support released extensions.
  • ArcView GIS 3.3 Setup will also update Spatial Analyst Versions 1.0/1.0a to Version 1.1 and Network Analyst Versions 1.0/1.0a to Version 1.0b when the ArcView GIS installation location includes these earilier versions.
  • If you are Upgrading from ArcView 3.0 or 3.1 to 3.2 it is NOT necessary to reinstall any of the extensions. See note above.
  • Note: If ArcView StreetMap Version 1.0 or ArcView Internet Map Server Version 1.0 is found in the ArcView GIS installation location, Setup can not update these extensions; however, a message informing you to update the extensions will be displayed.
  • We recommend you reinstall the Arcview Client on all workstations that run ArcView (including the server, if you run ArcView there).




    Install media

    CD-ROM Image
    Ver. Available
    Size Source CD-ROM  ESRI
    Ship No.
    ARCVIEW_33WIN.EXE 3.3 6/28/92 122 Mb ArcView GIS 3.3 for Windows CD-ROM (89093)  
    SPATIAL.EXE 2.0 04/04/00 29.3 Mb ArcView Spatial Analyst CD-ROM (83768) 83804
    NETWORK.EXE 1.0b 12/01/98 2.0 Mb ArcView Network Analyst CD-ROM (80611) 80190 
    3D.EXE 1.0 04/13/98 14 Mb ArcView 3D Analyst CD-ROM (76077) 76050 
    STREETMAP.EXE 1.1 03/04/02 1.4 Mb ArcView StreetMap 2000 CD-ROM (83181) 79756
    ARCPRESS.EXE 2.0 12/29/97 12.8 Mb ArcPress for ArcView CD-ROM (76072) 76043 
    MAPSERVER.EXE 1.0a 12/01/98 5.6 Mb ArcView Internet Map Server CD-ROM (78161) 78211
    IMAGE.EXE 1.1 05/09/01 14Mb ArcView Image Analysis CD-ROM (83201) 83211
    IMAGE+.EXE(1) 100Mb
    regcodes.txt       Registration codes for all above products  
    (1) IMAGE+ contains the Image Analysis Tutorial 

     Installing ArcView

  • Save a single file above to an EMPTY temporary directory.
  • Install ArcView (ARCVIEW....EXE) first!
  • Execute the just saved file (XXX.EXE -d) to recreate the install CD-ROM image

  •         (The -d is required to recreate any necessary sub-directories).
  • Execute the just created SETUP.EXE to install the product.
  • You can delete all files and sub-directories in the temporary directory after installation.
  • Registration number is in table above (Needed only for ArcView).

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