License Manager for UNIX

Local license

Execution of ESRI products on UNIX platforms is controlled by the FLEXlm license manager. Software keys, provided by ESRI, are required for each product and determine the number of concurrent users. Under terms of the Site License Agreement we are permitted an unlimited number of licenses.

Simply stated, the FLEXlm license manager uses a 'hostid' and node name to control execution. The FLEXlm hostid is normally obtained, after the software is installed, with the command $ARCHOME/sysgen/lmutil lmhostid.

You must determine the FLEXlm hostid command before we can order the keycodes. There are several methods:

  • Execute "lmhostid, if you already have a package that uses FLEXlm,
  • Execute "$ARCHOME/sysgen/lmutil lmhostid", if you have an ESRI product currently installed,
  • Execute the native OS equivalent,
    • HP-UX: printf %x `uname -i`
    • IRIX: echo `/sbin/sysinfo -s` 16o p | dc
    • OSF: usrf -R | grep "hardware address" and remove colons
    • Solaris 1: /usr/bin/hostid
    • Solaris 2: /usr/ucb/hostid
    • Ultrix: Not Currenty available
  1. Your Name
  2. Your University
  3. Your Department
  4. Your campus mailing address
  5. Your campus phone number
  6. Your campus e-mail adress
  7. Computer CPU Make/Model
  8. Computer Operating system
  9. Computer serial number
  10. Computer IP  address (XX.XX.XX.XX) or full domain name (
  11. FLEXlm hostid of computer
  12. number of licenses requested for this system (minimum is 3)
  • we will enable access to the server so that you can download and install the software,
  • generate and e-mail to you the necessary keycodes.


Remote license

A remote license server is available for instutions that do not have the resources to set up and run local license servers.

To use the remote license server, set the environment variable LM_LICENSE_FILE (or ESRI_LICENSE_FILE, if you use it) to "@".

        born shell:  LM_LICENSE_FILE=@; export LM_LICENSE_FILE
        c shell:      setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE=@

See "" for complete information about the license manager (flexlm, ver 6.1) used by ESRI. Here is the current license manager guide (in PDF format).

Use of this license server is restricted to Ohio Higher Education ESRI Site License members.  You will have to provide the IP address or host names of all machines that you expect to use with this server.  We can authorize an entire subnet, if necessary, for DHCP or other reasons.

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