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Local license


Execution of ESRI ArcGIS products on Windows platforms is controlled by the FLEXlm license manager running a license server. Software keys, provided by ESRI, are required for each product and determine the number of concurrent users. Under terms of the Site License Agreement we are permitted an unlimited number of licenses.  A hardware key is also required for Windows .

Simply stated, the FLEXlm license manager uses a node name and a Sentinel hardware key to control execution. Each license server requires a hardware key, only one license server is required per local Windows  domain. Hardware keys cost $30.00 (or maybe $50.00) and can be purchased directly from ESRI Telebusiness at 800.447.9778)

Note: ArcGIS 9 products will not function with older license managers. It is possible to run both ArcGIS 9 and older license managers on the same system: see this document from ESRI

To obtain a license file, e-mail the following information to

  1. Computer Make and Model
  2. Computer name (Host name)
  3. Hardware key number (37xx xxxx)
  4. Number of licenses requested for this system/server


Once all of this information is received, you will be e-mailed the necessary license file.

Keyless license
(no hardware keys required)

Please send me the following information for generating a keyless license.


  1. Computer Host Name:
  2. Make/Model:
  3. FLEXlm hostid:
  4. Number of licenses requested for this system/server



Getting the FLEXlm hostid:


For Windows,

Go to the command line and enter ipconfig /all at the command prompt.

The FLEXlm HostID is the 12 character Physical Address of your Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection without the hyphens.


Once you have installed your software, go to your 9.x $ARCHOME/sysgen directory and issue the './lmutil lmhostid' command.

Go to the location you installed your license manager to and issue the './lmutil lmhostid' command.

Standalone license
(no network connection required)

You need

  1. a hardware key. Can be purchased for $50.00 ($30.00 each for three or more) directly from ESRI Telebusiness at 800.447.9778.
  2. a license file which we can generate (see the 'Local license' instructions above).
  3. the license manager installed from from the CD.
  4. to use '' in place of '' in the 'Remote license' instructions above.

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