Armstrong Retirement

On May 2nd, 2016, Armstrong (, OSC's project management portal, was retired.

Please see the following list for alternatives to Armstrong's functionalities.  If there are things you need which are not listed here please contact OSC Help.

Armstrong Alternatives

Project Management

Resource Utilization

To view information on your resource unit (RU) utilization, including how much in charges each user and job has incurred, please use the command line tool OSCusage.

HPC Account Management

To add, modify, remove/disable, and otherwise manage your project's HPC accounts please contact OSC Help.  

A user can manage their own HPC account, including the password and shell selection, with


To report publications please contact OSC Help.

Grant Opportunities

To view current and past grant opportunities please visit the Ohio Department of Higher Education's Grant Resources & Requests for Proposals (RFPs) page.

To be added to OSC's grants mailing list please contact OSC Help.


To see information on current and past events, including training seminars, workshops, and OSC's Statewide Group Meetings (SUGs), see our events page.

For information on outages, and other impactful events, please see our twitter, @HPCnotices.  Issues of a longer nature are documented on our Known Issues page.

Project Allocations 

General information on applying for an allocation, including links to different allocation application pages, can be found on our Allocations and Accounts page.

To apply for an annual allocation project please contact OSC Help.

Project Funding

To report project funding please send the funding information to OSC Help.