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bcMPI is a software package that implements MPI extensions for MATLAB and GNU Octave. It consists of a core library (libbcmpi) that interfaces to the MPI library, a toolbox for MATLAB (mexmpi), and a toolbox for Octave (octmpi).

Council on Competitiveness []
American business, university, and labor leaders collaborating for economic prosperity

Platform Lab []
A unique non-profit information technology test facility

Edison Welding Institute []
OSC partners with EWI to develop the E-Weld Predictor? online tool
that integrates EWI's welding simulation and modeling domain knowledge
with the computing power of the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC).

PolymerOhio []
Ohio Supercomputer Center, in partnership with PolymerOhio, is developing web-based applications targeted toward helping polymer companies, including companies from the plastics, rubber and advanced materials segments, increase productivity using high performance computing.

PolymerPortal []

The Polymer Portal is a “one-stop resource” that bundles access to commercial software modeling and simulation services with training in computation and 3-D modeling.

ACES - partners on the Polymer Composite Simulation Portal

Youngstown State University

Ralph Regula School of Computational Science []
The training and STEM education arm for Blue Collar Computing