Queues and Reservations

Here are the queues available on Oakley. Please note that you will be routed to the appropriate queue based on your walltime and job size request.

Name Nodes available max walltime max job size notes


Available minus reservations

168 hours

1 node



Available minus reservations

336 hours

1 node

Restricted access


Available minus reservations

96 hours

125 nodes



Available minus reservations

250 hours

230 nodes

Restricted access



48 hours

1 node


"Available minus reservations" means all nodes in the cluster currently operational (this will fluctuate slightly), less the reservations listed below. To access one of the restricted queues, please contact OSC Help. Generally, access will only be granted to these queues if the performance of the job cannot be improved, and job size cannot be reduced by splitting or checkpointing the job.

In addition, there are a few standing reservations.

Name Nodes Available Max Walltime Max job size notes

12 regualr nodes

4 GPU nodes

1 hour 16 nodes For small interactive and test jobs during 8AM-6PM, Monday - Friday.
GPU 62 336 hours 62 nodes

Small jobs not requiring GPUs from the serial and parallel queues will backfill on this reservation.

OneTB 1 48 hours 1 node Holds the 32 core, 1 TB RAM node aside for the hugemem queue.


Occasionally, reservations will be created for specific projects that will not be reflected in these tables.