The Ohio Supercomputer Center provides High Performance Computing resources and expertise to academic researchers across the State of Ohio. Any paper citing this document has utilized OSC to conduct research on our production services. OSC is a member of the Ohio Technology Consortium, a division of the Ohio Department of Higher Education.


OSC services can be cited by visiting the documentation for the service in question and finding the "Citation" page (located in the menu to the side).

HPC systems currently in production use can be found here:

Decommissioned HPC systems can be found here:


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Citing OSC

We prefer that you cite OSC when using our services, using the following information, taking into account the appropriate citation style guidelines. For your convenience, we have included the citation information in BibTeX and EndNote formats.

Ohio Supercomputer Center. 1987. Ohio Supercomputer Center. Columbus OH: Ohio Supercomputer Center.


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%0 Generic
%T Ohio Supercomputer Center
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