Check usage costs for current fiscal year

It is useful to take a look at usage over periods of time and calculate overall usage at osc. This page explains how to do this using the HPC Job Activity tool in

After logging into the client portal, navigate to Individual -> HPC Job Activity.

Enter the appropriate dates:

min date: 01 July 2020
max date: current date (or other end date)

Once the dates are entered, the click the button Refresh Report.

It will then produce a table with all the job records within that timeframe.

Group the records together

Select Actions -> Group by

In the drop-down box with text - Select Group by Column - , select Project.
Directly under this, click Add Group by Column and select Charge Type.

Next, use the Sum function with the Dollar Charge column.

Finally, select a format mask and check the sum box on the end of the row.

The format mask can be manually altered to provide more precision.
e.g. FML999G999G999G999G990D0000 will give a dollar amount to the nearest ten-thousandth instead of the deafult hundreth (there are two extra zeroes on the end in the string above).

See the following screenshot to verify the setup:

Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 4.43.07 PM.png

Make sure to save the report just created!
Actions -> Report -> Save Report

Export reports

The reports created above can also be saved locally as a csv. Select Actions -> Download and click the available format to download.