Statewide Users Group Conference

Thursday, April 6, 2017 -
9:00am to 5:00pm

1224 Kinnear Rd. Columbus, OH 43212

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Conference Description

The purposes of the SUG conference are to:

  • highlight new scientific developments produced using OSC resources
  • foster connections between OSC staff and the SUG members
  • obtain constructive feedback as to the future of OSC and its role in supporting science across Ohio

OSC Help will be present to answer questions throughout the day, in order to enable interactions between the current/potential OSC clients and OSC staff. We will host two half-hour keynotes on areas of interest to OSC clients. 

Free lunch and afternoon appetizers will be provided. After the SUG conference, we will reconvene in one of the active social neighborhoods of Columbus for drinks, dinner and networking (not sponsored by OSC).

As a reminder, the day before the conference, our Hardware and Software committees would like to welcome all of our users to their meetings. 

To register, please complete the registration form below. If you have any questions feel free to contact OSC Help.

Directions and Hotel Information

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Flash Talk & Poster Competition

SUG 2016
Participants at SUG 2016 poster competition

We will have a ‘flash talk’ session and poster session to highlight the research and emerging ideas from OSC clients. Talks and posters will be selected from abstracts submitted via the registration form. We will contact you to nofity you of your flash talk or poster acceptance. At that time, a link will be provided for you to upload your flash talk file or poster file for printing; you can also upload now. NOTE: OSC offers to print out posters free of charge. 

  • Presented flash talks and posters will be awarded 1,000 RUs on OSC systems.
  • The flash talks and posters will be judged. Typically, the first-place talk and poster each will receive a grant of 5,000 RUs and be highlighted in OSC’s annual Research Report. The second-place talk and poster each will receive a grant of 2,500 RUs.
    • Posters will be judged by volunteers from OSC and outside academic institutions. 
    • Flash talks will be judged by the audience.
  • First and Second place posters will be displayed to the public in the hallways of OSC if the presenter agrees.
  • The posters should be 32" tall and 45" wide.

We encourage posters by students just starting their work, to show creative ideas on how high performance computing will enhance their research. 

Flash talk winners will be determined by the audience. OSC leaders and judging volunteers will determine poster winners.
To learn how these competitions will be scored, please see below. 


All feedback from the poster and flash talk sessions will be sent to the presenter. We ensure that there is no identifying information in the feedback document.

Poster judges come from a variety of backgrounds, disciplines, and institutions. In order to volunteer as a poster judge, you must not be a participant in the competition. If you are eligible, this will appear as a question upon registration. Alternatively, please contact OSC Help.

Poster Judging

Flash talks will be judged by the audience. We trust that participants will not judge their own presentation, as this is anonymous. 

Flash Talk Judging

We will have a WebEx stream of the conference if you cannot attend!

Information will be provided when the WebEx meeting has been created.





NOTE: If you have any issues or want to make changes on the registration form, please let us know

Please Register to Attend

Flash Talk
Please keep to 100 words or less.
Please keep to 100 words or less.
Please refer to our Flash Talk & Poster Sessions section for more information, as well as our agenda.
In order to try to best determine poster judges needed and best assign posters.
Please confirm when you would like to speak with our facilitator. If not during this meeting, how would you like us to schedule a meeting?
This will be an hour workshop with OSC staff.