How to Install Globus Personal

This video tutorial will do a walk through demonstration of a windows installation process of Globus Personal on the computer.


Hello, in this video, we will cover how to install Globus personal on your computer. This how to video will be using a Windows machine. If you are using a Linux machine or a Mac OS machine, please go check our online documentation at for more instructions.

Open up a Web browser and navigate to the Once the webpage loads, go ahead and click the 'Login' button.

Go ahead and select 'Ohio Supercomputer Center' as your login provider and then hit 'Continue'. Go ahead and log in with your OSC credentials. Go ahead and click 'Endpoints' on the left hand side and then click 'Create a personal endpoint' on the top right hand corner. Go ahead and download Globus personal and then follow the installation prompts for your system.

We are going to start the set up process. Go ahead, click 'Login'. You will be redirected to the Globus page. Globus will then ask you for some permissions. Go ahead and click 'Allow' to proceed with the setup.

You're going to now finish the setup. Go ahead and fill out all the collection details, such as collection name, description, and whether you need high assurance. After doing that, click 'Save'. Congratulations! You have now installed and set up Globus personal.