How to Transfer Files Using Globus

This video tutorial will help you walk through the process of selecting endpoints, and then transferring files between those two endpoints.


Hello, in this video, we will be discussing how to transfer files using Globus. If you would like more information about Globus, please go to our online documentation at

Open up a Web browser and navigate to Once the Web page loads, go ahead and click the 'login' button. Go ahead and select 'Ohio Supercomputer Center' as your login provider and then hit 'continue'. Go ahead and login with your OSC credentials. By default, you should be on the file manager page. If not, go ahead and click 'File Manager' on the left hand side bar.

In the upper right hand corner, go ahead and switch to the two pane view. Enter your desired collection for each endpoint. Here is a table of all collections managed by Ohio Supercomputer Center. Select your file and then click 'Transfer or Sync to' then click 'Start'.

After the transfer is initiated, you will see a pop up on the upper right hand corner. If you click 'View details', you'll be able to see the activity report. You'll also receive an email once the transfer is complete. This concludes our tutorial on how to transfer files using Globus. If you have any further questions, go ahead and check out our online documentation at