OSC Contributions to XSEDE


The Ohio Supercomputer Center is one of 19 partner organizations engaged in the five-year, $121-million National Science Foundation (NSF) XSEDE project, which replaces and expands on the NSF TeraGrid XSEDE logoproject. More than 10,000 scientists used the TeraGrid to complete thousands of research projects, at no cost to the scientists. That same sort of work – only in more detail, generating more new knowledge and improving our world in an even broader range of fields – continues with XSEDE.

Using XSEDE, researchers can establish private, secure environments that have all the resources, services, and collaboration support they need to be productive. Initially, XSEDE supports 16 supercomputers and high-end visualization and data analysis resources across the country. It also includes other specialized digital resources and services to complement these computers.

OSC Personnel

Steve Gordon, XSEDE Education LeadSteve Gordon

Steven I. Gordon, Ph.D., a senior director of Education at OSC, serves as the national lead for education programs for XSEDE. The XSEDE Education program involves several projects aimed at assisting higher education institutions across the country in supporting and developing educational activities and programs in computational science and in building the future workforce with expertise in a variety of computational science topics. The team also offers live and synchronous workshops and "boot-camps" for faculty to learn more about computational science and engineering technologies and methods.


Dave Hudak
David Hudak, XSEDE Industry Relations Manager

David E. Hudak, Ph.D., interim director of Supercomputer Services at OSC, serves as Industry Relations manager for XSEDE. Among his responsibilities, Hudak oversees the XSEDE Industry Challenge program, which brings together researchers, scientists and engineers from academia and industry with interdisciplinary backgrounds, deep knowledge in disciplines, and technical and professional skills. The program is intended to establish a new model for cooperative and collaborative research between industry and academia that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries. 


Karen Tomko
Karen Tomko, XSEDE Campus Champion

Karen Tomko, Ph.D., interim director of Research and Scientific Applications Group manager at OSC, is designated a Campus Champion by XSEDE. Tomko is charged with empowering researchers and educators to advance scientific discovery by serving as their local source of knowledge about national high performance computing opportunities and resources. She supports the researchers who leverage the center’s resources. Through Tomko, those researchers have direct access to XSEDE and input to its staff, resource allocations for the researchers, and assistance in using those resources.