Password Change Policy FAQs

Who does this effect?

All OSC clients and users using OSC HPC production services.


Every 90 days.


Go to, login, and follow the password change instructions.

What if I no longer want my account?

You do not have to change your password, but please contact with your user ID and your intent to close the account.

What happens if I missed the email?

The account will be closed shortly after the password change time frame has been missed. If your account is closed, please contact

What if I did not receive an email?

  1. Your user ID may not be associated with your active email address. Please check My OSC. If your account information needs to be updated, please send your information to
  2. Your password might have already been updated within the past 90 days.

What if I need to reassign my project to someone else?

We can reassign accounts. Please send us the contact information and project information. (

SSH Questions

Please refer to our general FAQ page.