Emails exceeded the expected volume


Notify you that we have placed a hold on emails sent to you from the HPC system.

Sample subject line

Emails sent to email address in the last hour exceeded the expected volume

Apparent sender

OSC Help <>


When a job fails or is deleted by an administrator, the system sends you an email. If this happens with a large number of jobs, it generates a volume of email that may be viewed as spam by your email provider. To avoid having OSC blacklisted, and to avoid overloading your email account, we hold your emails from OSC.

Please note that these held emails will eventually be deleted if you do not contact us.

Sent under these circumstances

These emails are sent automatically when your email usage from OSC is deferred.

To turn off the emails

Turn off emails related to your batch jobs to reduce your overall email volume from OSC. See the -m option on the PBS Directives Summary page.


To re-enable email you must contact OSC Help.

For assistance

Contact OSC Help. See our Support Services page for more contact information.