Job failure due to exhaustion of physical memory


Notify you that one or more of your jobs caused compute nodes to crash with an out-of-memory error.

Sample subject line

Failure of job(s) 933014,933174 at OSC due to exhaustion of physical memory

Apparent sender

OSC Help <>


Your job(s) exhausted both physical memory and swap space during job execution. This failure caused the compute node(s) used by the job(s) to crash, requiring a reboot.

Sent under these circumstances

These emails are sent by a systems administrator as part of the node cleanup process.

To turn off the emails

You cannot turn off these emails. Please don’t ignore them because they report a problem that you must correct.

To prevent these problems

See the Knowledge Base article "Out-of-Memory (OOM) or Excessive Memory Usage" for suggestions on dealing with out-of-memory problems.

For information on the memory available on the various systems, see our Supercomputing page.


If you continue to submit jobs that cause these problems, your HPC account may be blocked.

For assistance

We will work with you to get your jobs running within the constraints of the system. Contact OSC Help for assistance. See our Support Services page for more contact information.