Batch job aborted


Notify you when your job terminates abnormally.

Sample subject line


Apparent sender

  • root <> (Pitzer)
  • root <> (Owens)

Sample contents

PBS Job Id:
Job Name:   mailtest.job
Exec host:  p0178/1
Aborted by PBS Server
Job exceeded some resource limit (walltime, mem, etc.). The job was aborted See Administrator for help

Sent under these circumstances

These are fully automated emails send by the batch system.

Some reasons a job might terminate abnormally:

  • The job exceeded its allotted walltime, memory, virtual memory, or other limited resources. More information is available in your job log file, e.g., jobname.o123456.
  • An unexpected system problem caused your job to fail.

To turn off the emails

There is no way to turn them off at this time.

To prevent these problems

For advice on monitoring and controlling resource usage, see Monitoring and Managing Your Job.

There’s not much you can do about system failures, which fortunately are rare.


Under some circumstances, you can retrieve your job output log if your job aborts due to a system failure. Contact for assistance.

For assistance

Contact OSC Help. See our Support Services page for more contact information.