Batch job deleted by an administrator


Notify you when your job is deleted by an administrator.

Sample subject line


Apparent sender

  • root (Pitzer)
  • root (Owens)

Sample contents

PBS Job Id:
Job Name:   mailtest.job
job deleted
Job deleted at request of Job using too much memory. Contact

Sent under these circumstances

These emails are sent automatically, but the administrator can add a note with the reason.

Some reasons a running job might be deleted:

  • The job is using so much memory that it threatens to crash the node it is running on.
  • The job is using more resources than it requested and is interfering with other jobs running on the same node.
  • The job is causing excessive load on some part of the system, typically a network file server.
  • The job is still running at the start of a scheduled downtime.

Some reasons a queued job might be deleted:

  • The job requests non-existent resources.
  • A job intended for one system that was submitted on another one.
  • The job can never run because it requests combinations of resources that are disallowed by policy.
  • The user’s credentials are blocked on the system the job was submitted on.

To turn off the emails

There is no way to turn them off at this time.

To prevent these problems

See the Supercomputing FAQ for suggestions on dealing with specific problems.

For assistance

We will work with you to get your jobs running within the constraints of the system. Contact OSC Help for assistance. See our Support Services page for more contact information.