Job failure due to a system software problem


Notify you that one or more of your jobs was running on a compute node that crashed due to a system software problem.

Sample subject line

Failure of job(s) 919137 due to a system software problem at OSC

Apparent sender

OSC Help <>


Your job failed and was not at fault. You should resubmit the job. Usually the problems are caused by another job running on the node.

Sent under these circumstances

These emails are sent by a systems administrator as part of the node cleanup process.

To turn off the emails

We don’t have a mechanism to turn off these emails. If they really bother you, contact OSC Help and we’ll try to accommodate you.

To prevent these problems

If you request a whole node your jobs will be less susceptible to problems caused by other jobs. Other than that, be assured that we work hard to keep jobs from interfering with each other.

For assistance

Contact OSC Help. See our Support Services page for more contact information.