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"It's projected that in the next decade there will be about 1 million more U.S. jobs in the tech sector than computer science graduates to fill them. And it's estimated that only about 10 percent of K-12 schools teach computer science."

 - Excerpt from Eric Westervelt's
"A Push to Boost Computer Science Learning, Even at an Early Age"
February 17, 2014


As a non-profit organization, OSC hosts Young Women's Summer Institute and Summer Institute with no tuition or material costs to the students. Students are responsible for housing and some meals in The Ohio State University dormitories, but OSC will assist with these costs when needed. Your much-needed sponsorship will support the pipeline for exceptional young talent whom will be hitting the job market in a few years.

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Four girls using nets in a shallow river

About Young Women's Summer Institute 

“I liked learning about watersheds and going to the Big Darby Creek. The watersheds were really cool! And we learned so much vocabulary to connect to watersheds, water quality, and environmental science!”

Young Women’s Summer Institute (YWSI) is a week-long residential STEM program for gifted middle school girls entering their 7th- or 8th-grade year. 

YWSI provides a foundation from which to boost girls’ interest in science and technology, interlacing projects with information about education and career opportunities. Most of YWSI takes place at the Ohio Supercomputer Center, and the students live in dormitories on The Ohio State University campus.

  • Students learn about the scientific method, sharing environmental data with federal agencies
  • They learn the fundamentals of computer modeling and visualization
  • They socialize with classmates and mentors, such as naturalists, scientists and computer technologists
  • Participants learn how to share their findings with an audience of parents and mentors on the last day
  • Teachers serve as project leads, learning how to conduct similar projects in their own classrooms

Donate today to Summer Institute.

About Summer InstituteSummer Institute students smiling while wearing safety chemical suits

“Summer Institute is an excellent place to meet other people who care about the computing field and computational science and to work with them in solving problems and practicing for a life dedicated to science and engineering.”

Summer Institute (SI) is a two-week residential STEM program for gifted Ohio high school students entering their sophomore, junior or senior year. 

SI students gain real-world experience in high performance computing and networking through hands-on training in programming and visualization, and they live in dormitories on The Ohio State University campus.

  • Students work in small peer teams under the guidance of scientists, the students use supercomputers for practical applications, such as:
    • solving complex science/engineering problems
    • conducting network forensics to catch hackers
    • studying the spread of the bird flu
    • designing new computer games.
  • Students take field trips to nearby laboratories. 
  • Experts from various fields speak with the students about topics and careers in science and engineering.
  • Participants learn how to share their findings with
  • an audience of parents and mentors on the last day.

Other ways to support OSC summer programs:

  • Volunteer to mentor young people by speaking about your workforce experience in technology during the program 
  • Volunteer to work with attendees  as a project leader or chaperone during the program
  • Provide exciting technology based  locations for educational field trips
  • Any financial donation to the OSC summer programs helps to keep these important programs going

You can also donate by mail!
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Ohio Supercomputer Center
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1224 Kinnear Road, Columbus, OH 43212

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