Account Consolidation: During July 17 Downtime

If you have more than one account today, after the downtime you will only be able to access the account we've recorded as your preferred username. We have communicated with those of you impacted individually to record your preference and will remind you of your selection over the next week. Jobs submitted by non-preferred accounts that do not run prior to the downtime will be deleted, as the jobs will fail after the downtime. Please be aware of this, and be prepared to resubmit your held jobs from your consolidated account with the correct charge code (please review the documentation linked above if this is confusing). Data from your expired accounts will remain in place, but with the ownership of the files updated to your consolidated account. You can access your other home directories using the "~username" shortcut. For example, if your old account utl1234 was restricted, you can reach that home directory from your remaining account with "cd ~utl1234". See account consolidation guide for more information: