Biological Sciences

Bioscience investigators in Ohio are accessing vast amounts of genetic, clinical, imaging and environmental data to individualize the diagnosis and treatment of disease. For instance, oncology researchers are developing computational techniques to enhance the diagnosis of follicular lymphoma. A biomolecular engineer is generating complex computer simulations to better understand how misfolded proteins contribute to Alzheimer's disease. And, a pediatric hospital is leveraging advanced computational and storage resources to analyze data generated by their next-generation DNA sequencing machine. In addition to health care, the application of bioscience to energy, industrial products and agriculture is growing in importance. More than 1,250 bioscience-related organizations in Ohio employ over 55,000 highly-skilled workers, according to BioOhio, a nonprofit industry association. The following pages illustrate just a few examples of cutting-edge research in the biosciences supported by the powerful computational resources of the Ohio Supercomputer Center.