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Mike Garvey

M7 technologies is the result of a family business that started 1918 by my grandfather, making me the third generation of a family business that address the needs and the requirements of a heaving industrial manufacturer sector of our kind.  So we decided to transition from the skill sets that were created for the heavy industrial complex to cross-pollinate those with 21st century technologies that will enable the United States to compete on a global basis in those markets.

Blue Collar Computing is the application of high performance computational analysis on the shop floor and making formerly complex problems that could only be addressed by post graduate Ph.D.’s massively intuitive to the work force commonly found on a shop floor.

There will always be a need for power generation. There will always be a need for bridge construction infrastructure projects.  As high performance computing applications become more widely accepted, they will be addressing the quality concerns and the life cycle concerns of these projects.