OSC Videos

Shuchi Khurana

The best part of E-Weld Predictor is its online, on demand. Welding is a very difficult process to simulate because of various complexities going on in the materials.

For example, in the oil and gas industry if one is fabricating a pipeline to lay a pipeline from lets say, Houston to Columbus, type in your input parameters in the E-Weld Predictor and within a few minutes you have an answer of what should you change in your welding parameters.

The partnership with OSC has been just fabulous. We had support not only from the engineering side, but the team working together just as a part of one company, but also we had support from the executive side.

Blue collar computing is fabulous for manufacturers. Its like in business you call vertical integration or outsourcing, or sourcing theory, you don’t have anything in house until you use it fully, and for manufactures if they're not using HPC day in and day out it doesn’t make sense to buy a big computer as well as buy expensive software to use it, and Blue collar computing provides a platform to just outsource your computing cycles.