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Rick Markham

Polymer Ohio was established in 2001 by the state department of development to assist the polymer industry.  The Polymer industry is the largest manufacturing cluster in Ohio with about 2,800 companies and 140,000 employees.

Modeling and simulation is very important in the projection molding business.  Projection molded parts are the types of things that we see all over from fountain pens to parts on out automobiles.

I was pleased to learn early on in my association with the Ohio Supercomputer Center about the Blue Collar Computing initiative its an important bridge between what we see as more basic fundamental type things with some very sophisticated approaches to science and technology and moving that down into to the more practical realm where it can be applied directly into our Ohio Polymer companies.

We believe that the adoption of computational methods is important to companies because if they don’t begin to use that approach to improve their productivity they’re not going to last in the worldwide competition.