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HPC in the Automotive Industry

Giorgio Rizzoni, Director, Center for Automotive Research

The educational needs for future generations of automotive engineers will certainly have to include, in many cases, a greater sophistication in the understanding of high performance computing.

Today it is already true that more routine computerated design, the kind of things that you can do on a desktop computer, have become a natural part of the vocabulary of any engineers, whether someone involved in electromagnetic or mechanical design.

Someday it will have to be that high performance computing will also be similarly part of the vocabulary of most design engineers who, even though they may not have to be experts, will have to understand the implications of these types of studies, and how to best use the outcome and solutions provided by these tools to improve their engineering design.

High performance computing has undoubtedly made the automotive industry more competitive over the last perhaps 10-15 years, I think high performance computing has become the standard now in approaching fluid flow and combustion related problems and stress analysis, and reliability predictions.

I think that the potential of high performance computing is not even close to having been reached by the automotive industry, and I think this is an area in which much improvement can be brought.