Virtual Environments and Simulation

Learn more about how Ohio bioscience researchers are successfully applying high-performance computing to their research.

ResearcherAdvanced simulations are integrating increasingly larger data sets. It is essential to explore the use of high performance computing to assure tractable methods of investigating computational data. Because these data combine information from multiple sources, it is important to research advanced interface technology and develop more intuitive methods for interaction with large and complex multimodal data sets. Advanced intuitive interfaces are needed to integrate these vast amounts of multisensory data into a single coherent simulation. These interfaces will facilitate exploration and interaction and will increase understanding of complex data.

The Virtual Environments and Simulation Group involves an interdisciplinary group comprising research scientists, computer scientists, and clinicians. The goals of the group include applying high performance computing to biomedicine and applying advanced interface technology for use in virtual exploration of complex computational data.

The interdisciplinary group has been working together for nearly two decades. Current efforts include integrating visual, speech and haptic interfaces for scientific visualization, surgical preplanning, resident training, and telemedicine. Following is an overview of some of the biomedical research projects under investigation at OSC.

Current Projects

Past Projects


Software Applications and Codes Meeting for the Ohio Supercomputer Center Bioscience Cluster Expansion - April 4, 2008
The Ohio Supercomputer Center is proposing to acquire a major expansion to the recently installed IBM Cluster 1350. Biomedical/bioscience researchers were invited to participate in the meeting and give feedback related to their computational needs and requirements, particularly with respect to software applications and codes that they are using or plan to use in the near future.

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