Biomedical Sciences and Visualization

Biomedical Informatics Synthesis Platform

Funding Source: Biomedical Research and Technology Transfer (BRTT) Fund
Principal Investigator: Joel Saltz, M.D., Ph.D., The Ohio State University
Duration: 10/1/02 – 9/30/05

This project involves the development of a computational platform that will unify bioinformatics, experimental, and clinical data to accelerate advances in human medicine and produce a stream of commercial products. OSC’s effort focuses on the integrative services that support the iterative exploratory tasks generally required in sensemaking activities such as proposed in the Biomedical Information Systems Platform (BISP). Our specific focus comprises the user interface, interactive visualization, and collaboration services that will utilize the distributed resources made available on the project.



Figure 1: Clockwise: Examples of various data objects to be collected and visualized on the project.

1-3: 3D reconstruction of integrated multi-spectral data (MR, CT, and MRA) of patient with sphenoid tumor
frozen tissue section
5: microscopy
6-7: laser capture dissection
8: gel electrophoresis & DNA array

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