Biomedical Sciences and Visualization

Evaluating Elicited Anxiety in a Simulated Environment

Funding Source: National Institute on Health and Safety, The Great Lakes Center for Agricultural Safety and Health
Principle Investigator: Don Stredney
Duration: 5/1/05 – 4/30/06

Unintentional occupational injuries remain problematic. This applied research aims to harness emerging technologies to simulate a common occupational setting that provides the potential for experiencing acute traumatic injuries. The investigators will adapt current technologies to simulate an environment with a power take off (PTO), an indispensable tool found on farms and other work environments that transfers power from a common tractor to be redirected to drive various implements. The PTO has continuously proven to be problematic in providing acute unintentional injuries through entrapment or entanglement.

This preliminary research will extend our current work to this specific scenario, the PTO environment, which is exemplary of high-risk agricultural work settings. The pilot study will help delineate advantages and limitations of our approach and the data collected will help us generate study designs for future submissions. Long term, the use of virtual environments can serve to elucidate the etiology of occupational injuries and possibly help identify high-risk populations.


Individuals interested in participating should read the following information to determine if they are eligible. (Eligibility.pdf)

Individuals with experience around PTO environments who are interested in participating in the study may contact Don:

Don Stredney
Director- Interface Lab – OSC (Ohio Supercomputer Center
1224 Kinnear Road
Columbus, Ohio 43212-1163
(614) 292-8447