IRB Approved Protocol

  1. You must identify a site manager (please send email to gwiet@chi.osu.eduidentifying your program):
    1. Responsible for IRB approval at your site.
    2. Responsible for conducting the study and making sure all data is kept confidential and sent to OSC as directed.
    3. Responsible for keeping cadaveric specimens.
    4. Responsible for limiting pre study exposure of the system (do not allow potential study subjects access to the system).
  2. You must identify a site technical liaison (please send email to identifying your program):
    1. Responsible for acquiring suggested hardware and downloading/installing executables.
    2. Responsible for communication of technical problems (bug reports):
      2. Create account (click “register as a new user”)
      3. Log in using instructions from email confirmation
      4. Click “add a new task” after screen refresh.
      5. Enter all information that you feel comfortable adding, the most important item is the detail text box.
      6. Direct communication via email can be sent to Thomas Kerwin (
  3. You must acquire the listed hardware see: or make arrangements for one of our loaner systems to be installed at your institution.
  4. Allow access to only PGY-5 level residents (so as not to expose future subjects to the system prior to the trial).
  5. Initiate expedited review of IRB protocol at your institution see:
  6. Provide feedback to us at:


For additional information, please email us here.