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Learn more about how Ohio researchers are successfully applying high-performance computing to their research.

With the increasing ability to measure variables, the volume of data generated as a part of both research and the practice of engineering and medicine is overwhelming. Resolving this problem requires a combination of innovative data storage, annotation systems, file systems, advanced I/O, and management systems, as well as analytical software and the computational power to process the data.

At the Ohio Supercomputer Center, analytics researchers are adapting the latest analytics/signal and image processing techniques from the Department of Defense or other sources to non-traditional domains such as electron microscopy or NMR. This work complements the Center’s Blue Collar Computing effort by supporting the commercialization of SIP processing algorithms and promoting the use of analytics by industry.

For example, many DoD high performance computing researchers, particularly those in the SIP area, develop and run programming codes with MATLAB or related development tools such as MatlabMPI, StarP, and pMatlab. These development tools are convenient because they are completely self-contained on a desktop computer. To facilitate connecting to and interacting with supercomputers, OSC experts developed a SSHToolbox, which allows MATLAB researchers to access high performance computers without leaving their comfortable desktop MATLAB environment. SSH stands for Secure Shell and is the most widely used protocol/tool for connecting to remote high performance computing resources. The toolbox supports the DoD-mandated Kerberized authentication protocol and is used for interacting with DoD, government, industry, and systems. Customers include Boeing, NASA, the Pentagon, Air Force, Army, Navy, and universities.

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