High Productivity Computing Systems

The DARPA High Productivity Computing Systems is focused on providing a new generation of economically viable high productivity computing systems for national security and for the industrial user community.

HPCS program researchers have initiated a fundamental reassessment of how we define and measure performance, programmability, portability, robustness and ultimately, productivity in the HPC domain.

OSC is a part of the HPCS Productivity Team (www.highproductivity.org), and leads the Test, Specification and Benchmarking activities. As part of the Specification activity, we are enhancing and modifying Octave (www.octave.org) to provide an Executable Specification environment that augments written specification for benchmarks, kernels and synthetic applications. This is being done in collaboration with University of Wisconsin and MIT Lincoln Laboratories.

In collaboration with CodeSourcery and MIT Lincoln Laboratories, we are modifying and enhancing QMTest (http://www.codesourcery.com/qmtest/) to allow automatically run benchmark codes and collect and visualize the outputs.

Finally, in collaboration with University of Tennessee and MIT Lincoln Laboratories, we are collecting and distributing a variety of benchmark and compact application codes such as HPCChallenge

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