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Learn more about how Ohio researchers are successfully applying high-performance computing to their research.

While the Ohio Supercomputer Center serves a broad spectrum of research clients, the computational science and engineering research applications team offers expertise and specialized support to targeted clients. The staff is focused on expanding already strong ties to federal government research centers, as well as providing assistance to key local users through one-on-one assistance and training and education programs.

One key area of focus is the User Productivity Enhancement and Technology Transfer (PET) program within the Department of Defense’s High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP), which ensures DoD researchers make the best use of the military’s computing capacity.  OSC leads projects in signal and image processing (SIP) and integrated modeling and test environments (IMT). SIP provides the extraction and analysis of key information of sensors, signal intelligence, and navigation assets, while IMT deals with the collection, storage, processing, and analysis of test data, and models for verifying, synthesizing, directing, and understanding test results. OSC researchers are addressing needs that include improved algorithms for signal/phenomena exploitation, enhanced means of data transmission and storage, use of life-cycle software development tools, increased use of commercial off-the-shelf tools, and comprehensive and persistent training.

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