Cyberinfrastructure and Software Development Research

Remote Backup of Critical Administrative
Data for Disaster Recovery

Principal Investigator: Steve Gordon, OSC
Funding Source: Ohio Board of Regents (OBR)
Duration: 2/2003 - 8/2005

Disaster recovery imputations can be very costly and time consuming. A number of Institutions in Ohio are in need of an off site storage facility for part of their disaster recovery needs. This project takes a look at using OSCnet, Solaris 10 Containers and ZFS together for a cost effective way for institutions to store their data off site. Using Shared hardware and partitioning the hardware using Solaris 10 Containers and ZFS provides excellent platform for data management on a large scale. Institutions want their autonomy and want full control of their data. Solaris Containers allows the dynamic allocation of hardware and software resources on the fly. It also allows profiles to be set for various situations and you can apply those profiles at runtime. The ZFS file system allows for complex configurations and data organization. ZFS has the ability to dynamically grow a storage pool, it also has advanced snapshot technology.