Blue Collar Computing(TM)

ImageThe Ohio Supercomputer Center’s award-winning Blue Collar Computing program focuses on providing the power of supercomputing to companies that cannot afford to acquire the hardware, software and staff necessary to successfully compete in the global economy. Larger companies already possess the scale of operations to invest in this technology and the expertise to leverage advanced modeling techniques.

Supercomputing, known as high performance computing in the industry, can reduce the time required to design new products, lead to the discovery of new processes and products, reduce a product’s time-tomarket and improve production quality and efficiency. Leading companies are using sophisticated computer models to create and improve a diverse array of products, ranging from containers and pharmaceuticals to automobiles and airplanes, testing different product designs before physical products are manufactured.

This competitive edge is vital to keeping Ohio and America at the forefront of the global economy. The Center’s BCC program has developed a strong foundation of technology infrastructure and staff expertise to infuse high performance computing into the industrial marketplace. Recent accomplishments include:

  • Working with the Edison Welding Institute, OSC introduced the E-Weld Predictor portal, an easyto- use, web-based interface that allows welding engineers to simulate “virtual” welds. Since its launch in 2007, more than 115 EWI members have tested pipe and sheet welds via the portal.
  • Collaborating with PolymerOhio, OSC is developing the ePolymer portal for the state’s plastics, rubber and advanced materials industry. PolymerOhio promotes dialogue between technology developers and technology implementers, and OSC partnered with the group to present the forum “Productivity — The Key to Profitability” in 2007.
  • Partnering with the Ohio Supercomputer Center and Fireline TCON Inc., Youngstown State University will establish a Center for Excellence in Advanced Materials Analyses. The project will focus on research, analyses, modeling and commercialization of products with increased resistance to thermal shock and lower thermal conductivity.
  • In conjunction with the University of Southern California’s Information Sciences Institute and the Council on Competitiveness, OSC was awarded a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency grant to study the migration of defense-critical modeling and simulation applications to high performance computing environments to speed the Defense supply chain procurement process.
  • OSC is hosting supercomputing jobs for AP Solutions Inc., a minority-owned small business that provides designs and analysis of gas turbine engine components in support of the propulsion and power generation industries.