Advanced Materials

AdvancedResearchers and scientists in Ohio are developing exciting new classes of materials with unusual properties. Their groundbreaking studies are based on the study of atomic and molecular physics and chemistry and involve the processing of polymers, metals, ceramics and composite materials. For example, a physicist delves into the interaction of electrons, superconductors and microchips. A chemist determines how NMR experiments can be used to learn about the bonds between hydrogen atoms. And, a “computational experimentalist” develops and uses high-performance software to study supersonic and hypersonic airflow phenomena of military jets. Worldclass materials manufacturing industries have long driven the state’s economy, with just under 105,000 workers across 1,184 establishments, according to a recent report by Battelle. The creation and testing of computational models through the Ohio Supercomputer Center continues to set the bar high for materials science research in Ohio.