Cambridge Structural Database


The Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) contains complete structure information on hundreds of thousands of small molecule crystals. The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) is a suite of programs for CSD search and analysis. It includes the graphical user interface (GUI) programs ConQuest or searching and retrieving information from the CSD and Mercury for structural visualization and analysis. The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre Home Page has additional information.


CSD 2017 is available only for academic OSU users.

There are also a limited number of licenses for the web version WebCSD.

Before you can use CSD we need to add you to our system. Please contact OSC Help for availability.


CSD is available on Oakley login nodes.  For the GUI applications, one should use an OnDemand VDI (Virtual Desktop Interface) or have X11 forwarding enabled (see Setting up X Windows). Note that X11 forwarding can be distractingly slow for interactive applications.


CSD is only available to The Ohio State University academic users. In order to access this software license, please contact OSC Help for further instruction.

To run conquest:

module load csd


General documentation is available at the CCDC Documentation page and in the local machine directories.