JasPer is an extensible open source utility designed for the manipulation, conversion, compression and decompression of digital images.  Currently supported image formats include bmp, jp2, jpc, jpg, pgx, mif and ras.    


Version 1.900.1 is available on the Oakley cluster.  


In order to use the JasPer library, you must load the JasPer module into your environment.  To load the JasPer module, type the following command:

module load jasper

Useful commands

In addition to the JasPer libraries, a few default applications are also provided when the JasPer module is loaded.     

To convert an image from one format to another, use the jasper command.   

jasper [options]

For a comprehensive list of options available for this command, type

jasper --help

To compare particular qualities of two images, use the imgcmp command.

imgcmp -f [file 1] -F [file 2] -m [metric]

For a full list of acceptable metric arguments, type

imgcmp --help

To view a sequence of one or more images, use the jiv command.  

jiv image

Alternatively, if you would like to view multiple images in sequence you can use the --wait option to specify the amount of time between the display of each image, creating a slideshow.  The command below will display each image for 5 seconds before displaying the next image.   

jiv --wait 5 [image1 image2 image3 ...]

For a full list of options, type

jiv --help

Further Reading

Additional information about JasPer can be found online at the JasPer Project Homepage.