Important protected data notes

Keep protected data in proper locations

Do not move or copy data outside the project space /fs/ess/<project-code> without PI approval. Protected data must be stored in predetermined locations. Moving protected data to locations outside of the original /fs/ess/<project-code> path is not permitted because other locations may not have the proper controls and requirements to safely store it. To reiterate, there are many other storage locations at OSC:

  • /users/<project-code>
  • /fs/project/<project-code>
  • /fs/scratch/<project-code>
  • /fs/ess/scratch/<project-code>
none of the above locations can be used to store protected data, only /fs/ess/<project-code> dir can be used.

Project space access controls and permissions should not be altered

Do not adjust permissions of project space without PI approval.

The project space permissions where protected data will be stored was setup to prevent unauthorized access to the data. Altering these permissions without approval could lead to the data being exposed and a violation.

Keep accounts secure

Do not share passwords, ever. Sharing passwords is not authorized.

A user that logs in with another person's account is able to perform actions on behalf of that person, including unauthorized actions mentioned above.