providing access to protected data locations

Providing access to protected data locations

PHI data transferred to OSC will be set with permissions to restrict access to only project users. Project users are determined by group membership. For example, project PEX1234 has a protected data location at /fs/ess/PEX1234 and only users in the group PEX1234 may access data in that dir.

See access control list how-to for more information on how it works.

Grant and remove user access to protected data

See our page for invite, add, remove users.

Adding a user to a project in OSC client portal adds the group to their user account, likewise removing the user from the project, removes their group.

A user's first project cannot be the secure data project. If a user's first project was the secure data project, then removing them from the project in client portal will not take away their group for that project.