System Status

Scheduled OSC System Downtimes

OSC strives to minimize the number of system downtimes and provide clients with significant advance notice but reserves the right to change the date(s) of these downtimes and/or add additional downtimes to improve the performance of our services.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022
Tuesday, June 21, 2022
Tuesday, September 27, 2022
Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Active System Messages

Planned network maintenance Jan 28 2022

There is a planned network maintenance with OSC systems on 28 Jan 2022. It is expected to cause a loss of connection to OSC systems for up to 5 mins during the maintenance window of 5am-6am on 28 Jan 2022. Please contact if there are any questions.

Home directory quota is inaccurate after Dec 14 Downtime

The home directory quota when logging into systems, or displayed through OnDemand or client portal ( is inaccurate after Dec 14 Downtime. For more information see this page:

OSC Classroom Support

CLASSROOM RESOURCES FOR DISTANCE LEARNING If your class has lost or limited access to computer labs, the Ohio Supercomputer Center might be able to help by providing no-cost access to cloud computing resources. Classes and workloads of any size can gain access. OSC's web-browser interface to its substantial Linux computer systems provides novice users with virtual desktops preloaded with applications, such as MATLAB, RStudio, or Jupyter Notebook. As an example, an OSU undergrad statistics class recently used iPads to remotely access RStudio on OSC systems.

Known Issues (unresolved)

A list of all known issues, including those that have been resolved, can be found here.

Title Category Description Posted Updated
Problems with MVAPICH2 Owens, Ruby, Software

Some MVAPICH2 MPI installations on Oakley, Ruby, and Owens, such as the default module mvapich2/2.2 as well as mvapich2/2.1, appear to have a bug that is triggered by certain programs.  The... Read more

5 years 11 months ago 4 years 3 months ago
VASP job with Out-of-Memory crashes compute node(s) Batch, Owens, Software

There is a bug with VASP 5.4.1 built with mvapich2/2.2 on Owens... Read more

4 years 8 months ago 4 years 8 months ago