Owens Slurm Migration Early User Program

On December 15, OSC will switch to Slurm for job scheduling and resource management on Owens, to replace the current Torque/Moab environments. In preparation for the Slurm migration on Owens, OSC would like to invite all members of the client community to participate in the Early User Program in order to test the new Slurm scheduler and its TORQUE/Moab compatibility on Owens. 

Who is eligible to participate in the Early User Program?

All OSC users. No registration is needed.

Early user period

November 23 -December 14, 2020

Available software packages during the Early User Program 

See this page after selecting 'Owens' under 'System'

See this page for necessary user environment changes including unavailable software list due to the Slurm migration.

How the job gets charged?

Jobs that are eligible for the early user program will not be charged. At the end of the early user program, all queued jobs submitted during the early user program will be deleted from the system to avoid any unwanted charges.

We will inform users before we end the early user program. All jobs submitted after the official termination of the early user program will be charged. 

How to participate in the Early User Program?

How to find my jobs submitted during the Early User Program?

For any queued or running jobs, you can check the job information with Slurm commands (which are discussed here) or the OSC OnDemand Jobs app by clicking 'Active Jobs' and choosing 'Owens SLURM' as the cluster name

The job records will NOT be shown in MyOSC(my.osc.edu) during the early user period. 

How to get help?

Please feel free to contact OSC Help if you have any questions.