Request Access

Users who would like to use the Ruby cluster will need to request access.  This is because of the particulars of the Ruby environment, which includes its size, GPUs, and scheduling policies.  


Access to Ruby is done on a case by case basis because:

  • It is a smaller machine than Oakley, and thus has limited space for users
    • Oakley has 694 nodes, while Ruby only has 240 nodes.
  • It's CPUs are less general, and therefore more consideration is required to get optimal performance
  • Scheduling is done on a per-node basis, and therefore jobs must scale to this level at a bare minimum 
  • Additional consideration is required to get full performance out of its GPUs

Good Ruby Workload Characteristics

Those interested in using Ruby should check that their work is well suited for it by using the following list.  Ideal workloads will exhibit one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Work scales well to large core counts
    • No single core jobs
    • Scales well past 2 nodes on Oakley
  • Needs access to Ruby specific hardware (GPUs)
  • Memory bound work
  • Software:
    • Supports GPUs
    • Takes advantage of:
      • Long vector length
      • Higher core count
      • Improved Memory Bandwidth

Applying for Access

Those who would like to be considered for Ruby access should send the following in a email to OSC Help:

  • Name
  • Username
  • Plan for using Ruby
  • Evidence of workload being well suited for Ruby