Special Services

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OSC provides a variety of specialized services beyond general compute and storage resources.

GPU Computing

All OSC clusters have dedicated GPU nodes. For more information see the GPU computing page.

Big-memory Nodes

Each cluster has specialized nodes that provide significantly more RAM than the standard nodes, ranging from 1-3TB.  For more information see the cluster technical specifications page.

Data Analytics and Machine Learning

OSC has a variety of resources and services related to data analytics and machine learning, which are available on this page

Protected Data

OSC clients are currently able to process export controlled data and codes on OSC cluster. For more information see the Supercomputing Policies page.  In the near future, OSC will deploy a protected data enivornment that will provide additional features and permit for the use of data and code covered under other regulatory frameworks such as HIPPA and CUI.

Research Data Archive

In the near future, OSC will deploy a research data archive which will allow for the long term storage of data sets as well as permit them to be published to the general world.

More Information

Please send an inquiry to oschelp@osc.edu with a brief description of the services that you have an interest in and your contact information.