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OSC’s award-winning Interface Lab translates technology into effective training and assessment tools for use by various sectors such as the health care, automotive and manufacturing industries. With recent upgrades, the lab will soon work toward shared virtual environments where individuals can move around freely without tethered devices.


OSC is equipped with visualization software (such as ParaView and VTK), GPU devices from NVIDIA for rendering and virtual desktops available via OSC OnDemand for running GUI-based applications. For more information see:

Virtual Environments

The Interface Lab at OSC is dedicated to the study of advanced human computer interfaces and user assessment. In addition to providing high performance graphic displays for both interactive and recorded presentations, the Interface Lab offers dexterous devices to precisely localize and track 3D digitization, user movements, morphometrics and haptic (force-reflecting) interaction with complex data. The Interface Lab also provides equipment for recording and generating various types of audio for both interactive sessions and presentations. Finally, the lab provides various methods for obtaining quantified physiological assessment during interactive study sessions.

Specialized Equipment

  • Stereo Displays
    • High resolution projector and large screen (22’ x 11’) display
    • High resolution monitors
    • Oculus Rift head mounted displays
  • Motion tracking
    • 8 camera Optitrack (OPTICAL) reconfigurable system, currently 20’x20’ space
  • Haptic devices
  • Physiological Assessment
    • Biopac MP150U-W monitoring system with wireless modules for galvanic skin response (GSR finger electrode), respiratory effort transducer, a SS4A ear clip and pulse plethysmograph
    • fNIR PRO system for monitoring frontal lobe activity.

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Available Software

OSC has a variety of software applications to support all aspects of scientific research as well as licenses via our statewide software program.

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