8/24/16 3:57PM: All HPC systems are availalbe including:

Managing Your Account

Once your account is set-up you will receive a welcome letter from us containing your username and default password, which will allow you to register your ARMSTRONG account.

The ARMSTRONG portal provides many services to OSC users, including:

  • Password changes and resets for your HPC accounts
  • Discussion groups about research areas, software, and other topics
  • System notices, such as upcoming downtimes or new features
  • Project management for Principal Investigators, including adding and removing users and tracking your account balance

To register for your ARMSTRONG account as an OSC user, click the "Register Now" link under "OSC HPC Clients" in the lower-left portion of the webiste or click here. You will be asked for the username and password provided in your welcome letter, after which you will be guided through the ARMSTRONG account creation process.

Note: Your ARMSTRONG account is not the same as your HPC account. Changing the password for one will not change the password for the other, and you cannot log into ARMSTRONG using your HPC credentials.

Once you've created your ARMSTRONG account, you should change your HPC password to something besides the default. To do this, mouse over the "HPC Accounts" menu at the top of the page and choose "Change HPC Password/Shell".

Note: HPC password changes and resets may take up to one hour to process. During this time your old password will continue to work. If your password still has not changed after an hour, contact us at oschelp@osc.edu.