Known Issues

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warning: may conflict with Unresolved

Sometimes when building MPI programs the following warning appears.  It is harmless and can be safely ignored.

ld: warning:, needed by /usr/local/mvapich2/1.7-intel/lib/... (Read more)          
5 months 1 week ago 5 months 1 week
Torque module on Oakley improperly setting environment variables Unresolved

Intel library paths are being added to the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH incorrectly when loading torque.  Additionally the Intel paths remain when the torque... (Read more)

7 months 2 weeks ago 7 months 2 weeks
qsub filter rejects valid jobs Unresolved

Job scripts submitted on Glenn, Oakley, or Ruby all go a submit filter before reaching the resource manager, Torque.  A bug has been discovered in our submit filter which prevents jobs with the... (Read more)

6 months 2 weeks ago 6 months 2 weeks
OnDemand with Safari Web Services Unresolved

Currently, if you have popups blocked in Safari, some services in OSC OnDemand (most notably the HPC terminal) will silently fail to work. We are working on a solution, as well as a workaround for... (Read more)

1 year 5 months ago 1 year 5 months
module spider/avail/show not showing MPI dependent modules Ruby Unresolved

On Ruby, the commands:

5 months 1 week ago 5 months 1 week
Issue when loading multiple Fluent or ANSYS modules simultaneously Software Unresolved

Due to the way our Fluent and ANSYS modules are configured, simultaneously loading multiple of either module will cause a cryptic error.  The most common case of this happening is when multiple of... (Read more)

12 months 4 days ago 12 months 4 days
Estimated charging for serial jobs on Oakley is incorrect Batch Unresolved

Currently, the estimated RU charge reported at the end of a job shows an incorrect value for serial jobs on Oakley of the entire node. Jobs are being charged the correct amount in the official... (Read more)

1 day 3 hours ago 1 day 3 hours
'quota' command does not work on GPFS system software Unresolved

The 'quota' command does not provide any information about file quotas on the GPFS filesystem. Until we fix this issue, please look at your file system usage in the message printed when you log in... (Read more)

2 years 1 month ago 2 years 1 month