Project Application Help



Your application and associated materials for additional project resources (RUs) will be reviewed at our bi-monthly Allocation Committee meetings.

If you have a current project with OSC, you may continue to compute while you await a decision.


Negative Balance?

Per our general negative balance policy:

  • at -2,000 RUs, negative balance QOS is implemented
  • at -4,000 RUs, the project is restricted

You need to submit a renewal application. The renewal will remove your project from negative balance policy penalties. However, the negative balance will be taken from the future award.


Project Storage?
If you are interested in our project storage system, please see the requirements on this webpage. We do NOT accept project storage applications with RU applications. 


Please refer to the table below for information on our different project levels. 

Level RUs Purpose Files Required
(PDF preferred)
Startup 5,000 Project for Ohio academics to begin work with OSC.
  • CV/Resume
Beginning project for Ohio academic eligible PIs; one startup per PI. 
Classroom 5,000 Allow students to learn high performance computing or to apply high-performance computing to a particular subject; use of software applications available at OSC.
  • CV/Resume
  • Class Syllabus
  • Class Roster
Duration is for one school term or specific end date. If more RUs are needed, this is allowed. 
Emeritus 10,000 per calendar year Resources for emeritus at Ohio academic institutions.
  • CV/Resume
  • Publications List, noting which cite OSC.
OSC Help staff will assist you in obtaining resources for your projects. 10,000 RUs/calendar year for eligible PIs; one project per PI. 
Standard *  between 5,000 and 10,000 For researchers with moderate high-performance
computing use.
  • CV/Resume
  • Publications List, noting which cite OSC.
  • Proposal text (3-5 pages) **
Peer-reviewed; please add the name and email address of at least two reviewers.
Major *  between 10,000 and 30,000 For researchers with significant
high-performance computing use.
Peer-reviewed; please add the names and email addresses of at least three reviewers in appropriate section of on-line application form.
Discovery *  >30,000 For researchers with intensive high-performance computing use. Peer-reviewed; please add the name and email address of at least three reviewers in appropriate section of on-line application form.

* Please review information about the necessary file uploads with associated examples.
** As for any federal funding agency, you may not re-submit replicate application materials if they have been previously submitted to the OSC Allocations Committee and funded. A new, or significantly updated, proposal is expected for each review.


Publications List:

Proposal Text:

  • Should include a detailed description of the problem you are investigating and the scientific or technical basis of the investigations.
  • Include past results and plans for using the requested allocations.
  • The proposal will be peer-reviewed for scientific / technical merit and appropriate use of high-performance computing platforms; make sure to include sufficient detail to allow reviewers to make informed recommendations. 

Justification/Performance Report:

  • Justification of the RUs being requested; i.e. how did you come up with the estimated request?
    • example jobs
    • # of job runs
  • How code has been optimized (home-written code)?
  • Software and programs being used?




Questions? Please contact OSC Help